Reclaim Comfort & Mobility With Trigger Point Therapy In New Hope

Reclaim Comfort & Mobility With Trigger Point Therapy In New Hope

Get rid of muscle contraction and knots with our most effective trigger point massage therapy. Our proven trigger point therapy is designed to target the muscles that are strained, injured, and caused trigger points over a period. Better Health Concepts bring revolutionary pain relief solutions to your various muscle problems. Try our trigger point massage therapy near New Hope and Minneapolis and experience long-lasting comfort.

Trigger Point- A Reason For Your Myofascial Pain

A trigger point is a small knot and inflamed tight ball that forms within the fiber of the muscles. It is the main reason behind the myofascial pain that travels through the whole body. A trigger point is caused by strained or injured muscles, due to which the blood flow gets restricted and causes chronic pain.

You can effectively treat this condition with the help of our Trigger Point Massage Therapy. It is a super deep tissue massage that provides pain relief and unlocks the muscle knots.

At Better Health Concepts, you can discuss your needs with our expert prenatal massage therapist in Minneapolis. We ensure you will get the best recommendations tailored to your needs and wants.

Trigger Point Therapy For Long-lasting Pain Relief

The trigger point may look small but causes a lot of pain. Even a small contact while rubbing a sore muscle can hurt you so much. So why decide to live with chronic pain when we are here? You can trust us to get the best trigger point massage near New Hope and Minneapolis.
Look no further than Better Health Concepts. Our licensed trigger point massage therapist offers personalized massage therapy. After getting our trigger point therapy, you will no longer have to deal with chronic muscle pain.

Release A Trigger Point

Our trigger point therapy is proven to release the trigger points by circulating fresh blood across the muscles. It helps you get long-lasting comfort and pain relief.

Boost Healing Process

It is a deep tissue massage that directly targets the trigger point causing myofascial pain. A trigger point massage therapy boosts the healing process of injured muscles.

Improves Your Mobility

Trigger point therapy is a proven way to improve the mobility of strained muscles over time. During this, our massage therapist uses various techniques to alleviate your mobility.

Unlock Health Benefits With Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Better Health Concepts is here to help to get the various health benefits and support you in your wellness journey. Our tried and tested trigger point massage therapy offers pain relief and effective release of knots. Once you decide to get trigger point massage therapy near New Hope and Minneapolis, you unlock the various health benefits:

  • Reduce tension and stress
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increase muscle mobility
  • Unlock trigger points
  • Offers long-lasting pain relief

Say goodbye to the trigger points and chronic muscle pain with our best trigger point therapy near New Hope and Minneapolis.

Prepare For The Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Before you go for the trigger point massage therapy session, prepare yourself for it. At Better Health Concepts, we prioritize your client’s well-being and use proven massage techniques that are 100% safe and bring long-lasting results.

We suggest you wear loose-fitting clothes at the time of getting a trigger point massage near Near Hope and Minneapolis. In addition, avoid eating a large meal before the trigger point therapy session that will make you feel comfortable. It will be helpful if you have a good idea of the muscle which causes you the pain.

In addition, if you have any medical conditions or allergies, let our therapist know in advance. You may feel a little bit uncomfortable during the therapy, which is normal. Our licensed therapist will ensure that the pressure on the muscle won’t be intense.

Better Health Concepts- Best Place To Get Trigger Point Therapy

End your search for the best trigger point massage near New Hope and Minneapolis at Better Health Concepts. We have years of industry experience providing a wide range of massages that relieve relaxation and pain. Our massage therapist is an American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) member and carries a license.

We follow the most effective massage therapy techniques that naturally release the trigger points and provide pain relief. Here’s why you should choose us for trigger point therapy:

Personalized Approach

We followed the personalized massage approach and targeted the affected body parts that cause chronic pain.

Long Lasting Pain Relief

Our trigger point and other massage therapies offer long-lasting pain relief and promote better functioning of muscles and tissues.

Experience Massage Therapist

We have experienced trigger point massage therapists carrying the license to work in the cities of New Hope, Minneapolis, and Maple Grove.

Boost Your healing process with our Trigger Point Therapy.