Mom's Care: How Early Can You Get A Prenatal Massage?

Mom’s Care: How Early Can You Get A Prenatal Massage?

Pregnancy can be a mixed experience for a woman. It brings happiness, physical transformation, and emotional ups and downs. You may love some changes but feel uncomfortable with others. Back pain, swelling, and restlessness are common health problems that pregnant women can face during the pregnancy. However, one thing that can ease the body aches during pregnancy is prenatal massage, which is a type of massage designed for pregnant women. During the massage, the therapist focuses on providing comfort and relief to the mother-to-be by using specialized techniques tailored to the individual’s needs while ensuring the safety and efficiency of the mother and baby. However, how early can you get a prenatal massage is a concern for first-time expecting women. Considering the importance of prenatal massage, we bring you a guide covering all the crucial details for expecting mothers to ease their lives during pregnancy. 

Best Time To Get Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has three stages, each about three months long: the first trimester, the Second trimester, and the Third Trimester. Each stage brings different changes in the body and baby’s growth. The first trimester is slightly less complex than the second and third. However, this varies from person to person. So, for those who are looking for the answer to ‘How early can you get a prenatal massage’, the best time is the second and third trimesters. Women face severe back pain, leg cramps, swelling, and pelvic pain, and nothing is more soothing than a prenatal massage. However, individuals facing problems in the initial days of pregnancy can also consider this message. It is safe and effective during pregnancy while providing extreme comfort and relaxation. 

How Women Get Prenatal Massage?

Finding a comfortable position is difficult since your body experiences major changes during pregnancy. In other therapies, like therapeutic massage and body stretching, you might spend half your time lying face-down on your stomach and other times facing up. But as your shape and posture change, a trained therapist will provide you accommodations with special cushioning. Some of the cushions may have holes that allow you to fit your belly and face for support. Then, you get a massage on the required areas in a completely aromatic room to provide you with heavenly bliss. 

Therefore, prenatal massage pampers mothers-to-be to the utmost and provides them with the care & attention they deserve. 

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy 

Prenatal massage during pregnancy offers several benefits apart from easing tightness. Here are some unknown benefits of massage in pregnancy. 

  • Reduce Muscle Pain

As the baby grows, the mother’s body also experiences changes, which leads to pain. Prenatal massage during pregnancy relaxes the muscles and eases the pain.

  • Bolster Immune System

Staying healthy is more important when you are pregnant, and since your body experiences changes, you can face immunity problems. This message can boost immunity by improving blood circulation in the body. 

  • Lowers The Risk Of Complications

Prenatal massage during pregnancy eliminates the chances of complications, such as miscarriage, premature birth, or C-section delivery, by improving blood circulation, reducing stress, enhancing the immune system, and promoting better sleep. However, seeking a massage from a certified therapist for safe and enhanced results is essential. 

  • Prevent Preterm Labor

Stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure are a few health conditions that can lead to premature labor. However, this massage can prevent the risks as it efficiently improves blood circulation, reduces musculoskeletal pain, supports the immune system, and promotes sleep. Women who are experiencing these health problems should consider prenatal massage during pregnancy. 

  • Lower The Stress

Another benefit of this massage is that it improves mood, eventually reducing stress. Massage triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller and mood elevator. Endorphins induce feelings of pleasure, which reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body.  

  • Reduction In Swelling 

Swelling in body parts, especially the legs, is normal during pregnancy because the growing uterus pressures the veins. However, massage relaxes the body, effectively reduces the swelling, and makes moms-to-be comfortable. 

  • Promote Sleep

Due to physical discomfort, mothers-to-be face problems during sleeping in all stages of pregnancy. When massage promotes your health, you feel relaxed, which improves sleep quality. Thus, prenatal massage during pregnancy is a must for better health. 

Where Women Should Not Get Prenatal Massage 

While prenatal massage is good, there are several areas where moms-to-be do not get a massage to avoid the risk of pregnancy complications. 

  • Leg Veins

A study shows that pregnant women are prone to undefined deep vein thrombosis, a condition in which blood clots block blood vessels. Therefore, there is a chance of dislodging the blood clot during massage. 

  • Belly

Belly massage is not recommended in prenatal massage during pregnancy. It can cause discomfort to the baby, which may lead to complications. However, lightly stroking your baby bump by a professional therapist is acceptable. 

  • Ankles

According to the doctors, the ankles have pressure points that correlate with the reproductive organs; therefore, an ankle massage is not recommended.

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