Targeting Tension: How Trigger Point Massage Can Ease Your Aches and Pains

35% of the people globally (out of 143 countries) are stressed. According to a report by the American Institute of Stress, 33% of people reported extreme stress and $1 trillion is lost by the economy globally due to the loss in productivity owing to stress, anxiety, and depression. This data provides evidence of the rising stress levels and tension among people worldwide. There are multiple therapies, trips, and other relaxation techniques to release stress. But opting for a massage is the best and most effective way to eliminate all the tension.

Out of the myriad massage options available, one of the best and the most effective type of massage that you can opt for is a trigger point massage. To get rid of muscle tension, stiff muscles, and painful knots in the body, trigger point massage is one of the best ways out. Read the blog to know all about trigger point massage and how it can be beneficial to release stress and tension. 

Trigger Point Massage: An Introduction To The Technique 

The idea behind trigger point massage is the technique of releasing the pain by applying pressure to the associated trigger point. The main aim of this massage therapy is to find those trigger points and release the tension and soreness present to release the pain. A trigger point is a specific spot in the body that stiffens and accumulates muscle tension at one specific point in the body. Trigger point massage locates the points and releases tension from those points to relieve the pain in the affected body part. Trigger point massage therapy can be an effective way to get rid of muscle tension and pain and get results immediately.  

Why Is A Trigger Point Formed? 

A trigger point is nothing but a spot in the taut band of skeletal muscles. It restricts the blood flow to multiple areas and makes the muscles in the areas pain. There are various reasons associated with the formation of these trigger points, including an improper diet, dehydration, tense muscles, or any minor muscle injury that can cause these trigger points. Apparently, these tiny muscle cramps can cause a lot of discomfort, followed by excruciating pain. The best way to release the pain is by consulting a massage therapist and opting for the best trigger massage therapy. Before selecting a massage therapist, you should know how the treatment works. 

How Does Trigger Massage Therapy Work? 

Trigger points do not cure themselves; an external treatment is required to ease the tension and relieve pain. Trigger massage therapy is one of the remedies to release stiff muscles and cure pain. A few common trigger points (neck, lower back, and shoulders) are identified by the massage therapist, and by applying pressure to those using different pressure intensities and techniques to massage, the muscle knots are relaxed. A trained massage therapist uses hands, elbows, fists, and thumb pressure to release the stiff muscle. You should always consult a trained therapist for the best treatment to get the best results. 

Who Can Benefit From Trigger Point Massage Therapy 

Trigger point massage therapy is generally recommended for people suffering from chronic pain in some areas of the body. It is also recommended for athletes and runners who face stiffness in muscles while exercising and training. In short, anyone with stiff muscles and pain can get trigger point massage therapy. It will work best if performed by experts and professionals. 

Benefits Of Trigger Point Massage Therapy 

If you opt for a good Trigger massage therapy, there are numerous benefits that you can fetch. The long list of benefits includes relief from headaches and sore muscles and a cure for medical ailments like arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, and sciatica. A few of the benefits are listed below:

Pain Relief 

Trigger massage therapy can be one of the best and most effective ways to treat and cure body pain by releasing stress from the trigger points. Choosing a well-trained massage therapist can help in the reduction of chronic pain by using the best techniques to massage the trigger points. 

Improved Flexibility 

Trigger massage therapy can be an excellent way to enhance the range of motion, which was earlier restricted due to pain in the muscles. After a few therapy sessions, you can feel improved flexibility in your muscles and a full range of motion. Releasing pain from the sore muscles and allowing a better range of motion can be attained by trigger massage therapy in a short time span. 

Better Circulation & Blood Flow

The main cause of the pain is the restriction of blood flow into the muscles, and trigger massage therapy can relax the knots, improving the blood flow to the muscles and the body overall. 

Improved Metal & Physical Health

Relief from pain, better sleep, fewer headaches, and improved blood flow will ultimately lead to a good lifestyle and, in turn, better mental and physical health. Tigger massage therapy solves pain and improves the individual’s overall health. 

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