Nurturing Motherhood: The Benefits of Prenatal Massage for Expecting Moms

“Motherhood is the greatest and hardest thing” – Rickie Lake.

 Being a woman, you will agree that pregnancy is one of the best news that can excite anyone. Pregnancy or motherhood is the most exciting, special, and joyous time for any woman; at the same time, it also comes with aches and pain, which makes the woman feel uncomfortable as the body adapts to fit the growing baby. During this time, a woman has to endure a lot of pain and stress that can turn the joyous pregnancy phase into a challenging one. Without any speck of doubt, pregnancy can affect the body in multiple ways, such as physically, hormonally, mentally, and emotionally. So, how to heal the body during the pregnancy phase? Getting prenatal massage therapy will work like a magic wand that will be extremely beneficial to your physical and emotional health throughout pregnancy.

If you’re unaware of the benefits of prenatal massage therapy, then continue reading the blog till the end. Let’s start from scratch. 

What Is Prenatal Massage? 

Prenatal massage is a type of massage therapy designed to address pregnant women’s needs and concerns. Since pregnancy is a phase of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters, the body goes through a lot of changes that can cause symptoms like nausea, fatigue, extreme tiredness, constipation, mood swings, headache, heartburn, etc. That’s where prenatal massage therapy significantly relieves pain and many other things during pregnancy. 

Indulge In The Ultimate Relaxation With Prenatal Massage In New Hope 

Are you thinking of what all benefits you can reap by getting prenatal massage therapy? If yes, dive into the pool of benefits listed below. 

Diminish Physical Discomfort 

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a tough time that can cause discomfort to women. Prenatal massage is designed to address the specific needs of pregnant women, which helps them relieve physical discomfort. The gentle and targeted techniques used by the therapist can help alleviate symptoms like neck pain, back pain, swelling, muscle tension, etc. Pregnant women can suffer from mild to severe pain throughout the pregnancy period. Massage therapy makes you feel quite comfortable and relaxed as you prepare for childbirth and motherhood. 

Reduces Stress And Anxiety 

Just like pain, stress, and anxiety are also associated with the pregnancy phase, which can cause stressful times for a pregnant woman. There are many factors that cause stress during pregnancy, such as finances, job security, family tension, etc., that further leads to energy depletion. Studies show that women with high-stress levels are more likely to give birth to their babies prematurely. That’s where prenatal massage therapy helps diminish the stress level of pregnant women. As per the study published in the International Journal of Health Sciences, pregnant women who receive prenatal massage have lower cortisol and norepinephrine levels (hormones associated with stress) compared to women who do not receive prenatal massage. 

Decrease Swelling

Another benefit of prenatal massage therapy is diminished swelling. What causes swelling during pregnancy? Pooling blood and body fluids are the major causes of swelling; most often, it can be seen in ankles and feet, especially in the third trimester. Women who receive regular massages have less chance of suffering from swelling. 

Diminishes Headaches

Many pregnant women suffer from headaches and migraines. This can be caused by hormones developed from muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. It is obvious that the abdomen and chest grow on the front of the body all through the pregnancy period. So, this new body adds posture and adds stress to the adjoining areas. So, irrespective of the source of pain, prenatal massage is widely known to diminish the occurrence of headaches, which offers relief to the pregnant woman. 

Offers Quality Sleep 

The next benefit we have on the list is the improvement of quality sleep. There are many pregnant women who struggle to get an adequate amount of quality sleep during pregnancy, which can also cause insomnia. The fact is that many women also struggle to sleep due to discomfort caused by growing abdomen, leg cramps, back pain, and a lot more. One of the major benefits of prenatal massage is that it aids the body in elevating serotonin levels (happiness hormone). The increased serotonin level in the body leads to better quality sleep by enhancing relaxation and reducing pain. 

Supports Pregnancy And Labor 

Daily prenatal massage throughout pregnancy can have long-lasting benefits for both mother and baby. The massage helps in reducing physical discomfort and stress associated with pregnancy. Indeed, prenatal massage can enhance your overall health and well-being for both mother and the baby. In addition, the massage is effective in preparing the mother’s body for labor. It basically enhances blood circulation, stimulates the release of natural painkillers like endorphins, and ultimately encourages a more relaxed pelvic floor. 

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